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Getting your business to stand out from the crowd is not easy

However, through your exterior signage it is possible.

We will help you attract more customers & increase your sales.

Having the correct type of exterior signage is important so you can project the right image to the public.

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Signs do the job of making a good visual impact upon your prospective customers which leads to more sales. However poorly designed signs can turn customers away, or make them ignore your business completely.
Your sign is your voice on the street’. It’s a primary means of communicating with customers; it attracts them, draws them through your doors, and encourages them to buy your food.
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Did you know?

8 out of 10 customers will enter a store for the first time based primarily on signage?

Did you know?

68% percent of consumers have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

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The first impression you create is the most important one. A great sign will make a statement about the type of business you are. To achieve this, consider using 3D lettering or LED illuminated signs that have the ability to attract the attention of potential new customers.


Investing in a sign that has the wow factor can reap substantial benefits for many years to come. We want to enhance your premises. The Fast-food Signage team will work alongside you to ensure that the signage is not only consistent with your brand but also of your building.

from Bespoke Signtrays to 3D illuminated Letters, we will advise on the most effective signage.

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types of exterior signage

3D Signage

3D Signage can draw attention to your business. The appearance and quality of 3D signs gives businesses the edge over competitors with ‘flat’ signage.     Fast-food Signage can create bespoke signs with the layers and depth that enhances your visual appearance. Using either, full letter, raised flat letters, built up panels, projection signs and LED illumination,our signage will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Fret Cut Illuminated

The 3D look achieved by Fret Cut signs gives your business impact. Whether used for exterior or interior signage, Fret Cut signs are easy to look after and have a long lifespan.     We start by cutting your design or lettering out of the Aluminium or Dibond material. We then finish off by placing LED lighting to create a stunning illumination. Remember, the Fast-food Signage team can design and install bespoke signs of any size or shape.

Fret Cut Halo Signs

Also known as Halo Lettering, the 3D letters will feature a soft glow from the LED illumination. The light from the precision cut metal will give it an atmospheric finish.     This type of illumination sign is a brilliant way to bring out the clarity and definition of your logo.     Fast-food Signage will also work with you toachieve the correct type of lighting. Our teamcan add to or dim the light of the LEDs according to the kind of halo effect required.

Projecting Wall Signs

A two-sided projecting wall sign is a great way for customers to find their way to your business.     We have a variety of pre-made signs available, where we just add your logo to the design. However, if you require a more bespoke option, Fast-food Signage is here to help with a variety of options.

Fret Cut Letters

Flat cut letters are a popular and cost-effective option for interior and exterior 3D signage. Whether you require lettering on a     stand-alone wall or you wish to have letteringon a panel or tray, Fast-food Signage is here to help. Our team can produce flat-cut letters from foam PVC, acrylic and aluminium.We can also apply different types offinishesto enhance your message.

Illuminated Light Box

At Fast-food Signage, our Illuminated Light Boxes will keep your signage lit throughout the day, and at minimal cost. Using acrylic sheeting and high-grade translucent vinyl, Illuminated Light Boxes are an attractive and durable type of signage.     From eye-catching individual back-lit lettering to fully printed light boxes, our team is here to advise you on the best types of signage.

Pavement Signage

Pavement signs are essential in advertising your business outdoors. Fast-food Signage have an exten-sive range of signage to help your outlet to catch the attention of passing traffic.     From magnetic board covers, snap frames, to chalkboard pavement signs we have a variety of budget and premium options.     Whether you own a restaurant or cafe, contact us today.

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