From high-resolution photographs that cover your entire interior to matte decals promoting your latest offer.

Vinyl graphics offer countless opportunities to make a big impact. We offer many types of wall graphics in a range of finishes depending on the clients choice.

Whether you want a smooth, textured, or even matt or gloss lamination to prolong the life of your wall graphic. Our experience helps you get the best wall art you can for your shop.

From full wall covers to simple wall stickers of your company logo. We have options for all your needs.


Using Foamex is a highly popular solution for wall graphics. It can be used for newly plastered walls, or walls with imperfections can be easily covered up. All our Foamex wall graphics are supplied with print and lamination on 5mm board, protecting it from dirty marks and easier to clean.

Foamex is a PVC board which is rigid and durable whilst still being lightweight and flexible. These qualities have made it extremely popular for signs, artwork/display backing.

Perspex or Acrylic

Perspex or Acrylic is a popular material for counter signage. This material can make counter space more presentable, easy to clean and doesn’t damage the print. Meaning that this is a durable and long lasting solution to brightening up your counter.

5mm Sheets are solid enough for most general uses such as displaying photos and art prints on walls to contemporary signs, whilst also being cost effective. Chrome finish studs stand the acrylic or perspex off the wall giving more impact and a precision engineered style.


Dibond wall graphics are a solid option for walls that may be tempered with by customers. Being part Aluminum you don’t risk cracking or damage due to it’s rigidity. Supplied with print and lamination to help clean marks and make it as durable as possible.

Digital Wallpaper

Digital printed wallpaper offers you to have bespoke signage and design that can be supplied in any shapes or sizes. All can have the benefits of being laminated for protect and being supplied in Matt, Gloss and Textured finishes.

Bespoke Cutouts

We can supply bespoke patterns and specialist cutouts on Foamex, Perspex and Dibond. This can give walls a 3-dimensional view and can allow you to fit all design in any space within and out your premises.

Window graphics are extremely popular with today’s businesses, they are very affordable and our quality can not be matched. Our production time is very fast so order your custom wall graphics today!

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