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interior signage

Interior signage will not only give your customers a clear idea of the food you serve

But Also enhances the interior of your outlet & creates a great ambience

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Did you know?

65% of businesses that made a significant change to their signage reported an increase in revenue.


bespoke wallpaper or panels can massively enhance your interior!

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Need some expert advice?

Fast-food Signage has over 15 years experience in designing and installing a broad range of interior signage, suitable for any food-based environment or need.

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By calling us today, and after we have determined the kind of food you serve and the service you provide, we can advise you on the best type of signage. For example, a takeaway has many different items on sale, so may require a digital menu to show customers their wide range of food against a bright and colourful backdrop.   Alternatively, within a restaurant, the interior signage might include bespoke wallpaper graphics, designed to create a look and feel in line with their decor.

Whatever your budget or brand style...

our team will create unique signage that suits your business.


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Interior signs are an essential aspect in being able to create the look and feel of your premises. Once your customers' are inside, you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. From wall graphics to murals, signage can help you to create an ambience, regardless of the amount of space you have.

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